At every level of the company, Eco- Technilin is committed to sustainable development and growth that respects the environment. 

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities through responsible sourcing, with most of our raw materials coming from the waste products of the natural fibre, glass and plastic industries. In addition, our collaboration with local fibre suppliers greatly reduces the CO2 emissions of our raw material delivery. 

Through our products and developments, we strive to provide "green solutions" in line with the need to lighten vehicles (and thereby to reduce CO2 emissions) and to improve recyclability. We are also working to provide more bio-sourced products, promoting the use of vegetable rather than petroleum -sourced renewable resources.

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7 Nov 2015


27 Oct 2015
FibriRock: “Best Material” award


26 Oct 2015
EcoTechnilin has the pleasure to announce you its 20th anniversary 7th November.


17 Mar 2015
EcoTechnilin received JEC Innovation Award 2015, "Sustainability" category, thanks to its new product FibriRock.